Zeppelin Systems GmbH, a leading supplier of plant engineering and process technology for the chemical and plastics industries, has recently formed the Sustainable Tire Alliance, a new platform of businesses in the tire recycling sector with different technologies that can work together to improve tire recycling. The alliance includes Regom, Recykl, Entex, Reoil, Evonik, Rubberjet Valley, and RCB Nanotechnologies.

The goal of the alliance is to close the loop of secondary raw materials and make a sustainable contribution to the circular economy. The alliance aims to provide high-quality recyclates in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of tire manufacturers.

Patrick Buder, Sustainability Strategy Manager at Zeppelin Systems GmbH, believes that the tire recycling process needs to be rethought as a whole, from tire acceptance to recyclate, further processing, and integration of the recyclate into the rubber compound.

The Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance acts as a system integrator, solution provider, and bridge builder between the recycling and tire industries.

Zeppelin Systems Tire Technology 2023 | Video by Zeppelin Systems.

Zeppelin Systems has been in the tyre industry for over 40 years and knows the needs of the industry. As an integrated solution provider, they offer solutions along the recycling value chain in the area of material and raw material recycling. The goal is to produce high-quality recyclates that ensure reproducible qualities in sufficient quantities. By bundling technologies for the production of high-quality tire recyclates, the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance aims to close the cycle of secondary raw materials and make a sustainable contribution to the circular economy.

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