An Austrian company Dyntex focuses on innovative ideas to produce high quality textiles. Sustainability is aided by ultra-light materials created from post-consumer recyclate (PCR).

As a product innovation, Dyntex, a developer and manufacturer of functional materials based in Bregenz, Austria, is offering high-quality fabrics created from recycled vehicle tires. An novel thermo-chemical procedure is used to recover a polyamide polymer from worn tires. This is spun into a fine yarn, which is then turned into an ultra-light practical cloth. This environmentally friendly material has sparked a lot of curiosity.

Quality fabrics from old car tires: A pyrolysis oil is extracted from shredded tires and then a polyamide polymer is manufactured using a new thermo-chemical technique. In Italy, the raw material, which is made up of post-consumer recyclate (PCR), is transformed into yarn.

Dyntex has produced ultra-light high-tech functional fabrics from it in collaboration with experts from Japan and Italy. The new line includes eight fabrics, the lightest of which weighs only 36 grams per square metre. They are great for fashionable sports and functional clothes because of their unique handles and appearance. This new item is now available for purchase.

High-quality and resource-saving

"We recycle materials that were previously unusable, use very little fossil resources in production, and so achieve a substantial decrease in CO2 footprint," says Alexander Gächter, Dyntex's Sales Manager.

The recycled fabrics fulfill the same high quality standards as new polyamide materials. They are water-repellent, breathable, fluorocarbon-free, and extremely durable, much like all Dyntex functional textiles. As a result, the new materials are suitable for both sports and leisure fashion as well as workwear.

Sustainable fashion has a growing market

For years, the market for sustainable fashion has been booming. As a result, there is a considerable demand for practical fabrics manufactured from recycled materials. Dyntex is a pioneer in this field: The Vorarlberg-based firm debuted the world's first functional textiles made of biosynthetic yarn (Dyntex® Biological Origin) and biodegradable fabric (Dyntex® Biodegradable) as early as 2020.

"Our sustainable functional fabrics created a stir in the industry two years ago. Another significant achievement is our collecting of recycled automobile tires as a raw material "Gächter is persuaded. "We are demonstrating our leadership in the development and production of ecologically friendly functional fabrics with this invention."