AZuR reports that the practice of retreading tires in Europe is encountering a new challenge. An increasing influx of tires imported from the Far East is increasingly displacing them. Over the span of ten years, the market share for retreaded truck tires has decreased from 34.2% in 2012 to 20.1% in 2022, as per ETRMA data. This shift holds significant implications for both the environment and the climate.

Retreaded tires in Europe offer the same quality, safety and durability as comparable new tires, as well as clear environmental benefits. The retreading in Europe not only reduces long transport distances, but also reduces CO2 emissions in production by over 60% and energy consumption by about 50%.

This practice additionally prevents the generation of millions of tons of waste and conserves precious natural resources. There is an urgent need for policymakers to act immediately to support retreading. Otherwise, the ongoing flood of imported tires from the Far East could threaten the ecologically sensible practice of retreading.

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