Allianz Zukunft Reifen (AZuR) initiative aims to promote and utilize the potential of retreaded tires for environmental protection. Backed by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), AZuR refutes common stereotypes about retreaded tires with recent studies and scientific facts.

Modern technologies are used in the production of retreaded tires. Despite technological progress, prejudices persist, but AZuR is striving for an image change and would like to establish retreaded tires as the standard.

AZuR is now examining the most common prejudices about retreaded tires and emphasizes that retreaded tires meet the same safety standards as new tires, have comparable durability, offer high quality and performance, and are identifiable through specific markings. Additionally, retreaded tires provide economic and ecological benefits by reducing energy consumption, utilizing fewer raw materials, and significantly lowering CO2 emissions, making them a sustainable choice for both public and private sectors.

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