The BVSE – a German association of tires & rubber recycling and disposal specialists – has exchanged views with the German Federal Environment Agency, Umweltbundesamt (UBA), on the reorganization of tire recycling.

"We have made it clear that recycling needs to be reorganized by means of a used tire ordinance or by supplementing the end-of-life vehicle ordinance," explained Chairman Bernd Franke.

The tire recycling industry complains that large quantities of used tires still do not reach the certified specialist companies. With a takeover certificate, one could introduce a simple but effective verification procedure, according to the BVSE proposal.

The design issue for recycling could also oblige manufacturers to design new tires in an end-of-life vehicle regulation in such a way that they can be largely recycled.

"We believe that the legislator must set clear priorities and at the same time define a regulatory framework that offers a level playing field for all participants in the value chain," emphasizes the BVSE chairman.

The BVSE representatives welcomed the clear commitment of the Federal Environment Agency to high-quality recycling processes, in particular applications of rubber powder and crumb. During the discussion, the UBA representatives also made it clear that the retreading of tires should be promoted in the future.

In the case of trucks and buses, this could be done as part of “public procurement”. One idea is to create economic incentives for retreading car tires as well.

To read more about the topic, please proceed to BVSE website.