Tire recycling has become a growing concern for the industry in Germany, with several programs such as ZARE and AZuR being developed to support and encourage tire recycling.

The latest development comes from the German waste industry association, which includes tire supply chain, repairs, retreads, and now tire recycling.

It was agreed during the BVSe annual general meeting in September 2021 to form a Tire Recycling Association under the BVSe grouping. With Vice President and Chairman of the Association, Bernd Franken, committed to the industry's interests, this new professional association has a seat and a vote on the BVSe Committee.

The Tire Recycling Association board consists of:

  • Chairman and BVSe vice-president: Bernd Franken, Ecocalor GmbH,
  • Deputy Chairman: Josef Hösl, Estkom GmbH.

Members include:

  • Martin Klinger, Gummiwerk Kraiburg Elastik GmbH
  • Dr. Susanne Madelung, PVP Triptis GmbH
  • Hanna Schöberl, Kurz Karkassenhandel GmbH
  • Reinhard Danninger jun., Danninger Spezialtransporte + Recycling
  • Stefan Dietl, LOGEX System GmbH & Co. KG
  • Matthias Einsele, ELM Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
  • Daniel Hofsäß, ROTH International GmbH
  • Thomas Maashöfer, PreZero Service Westfalen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Markus Müller, KrW Recycling and Waste Utilization GmbH
  • Thomas Staudt, SRE GmbH

To learn more about the trade association and industry topics, please proceed to new BVSe’s website.