CarbonX – a specialty carbon black manufacturer from the Netherlands – asserts its sustainable products can improve both tire performance and fuel efficiency at real world tests.

Besides, the company's product is positioned as "reducing CO2 emissions", which the company demonstrates in the video below. CarbonX highlights that during tire manufacturing, the downstream emissions outweigh upstream emissions.

CarbonX: "Better performance and sustainability in EV / ICE tires." | Video by CarbonX.

"When you consider the entire lifecycle of a tire, more than 80% of tire-related CO2 emissions occur in the use phase. Which means that in terms of emission reduction, the biggest “bang for your buck” is to improve performance in the use phase, while continuing to minimize emissions upstream.

"That’s exactly what we do with CarbonX®. With CarbonX®, CO2 emission savings are realized by reducing rolling resistance, without compromising wear or grip. The downstream Scope 3 savings here heavily outweigh the CO2 emitted during the production phase (Scope 1 and 2).


World Resources Institute, Greenhouse Gas Protocol. “Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard“. | Graph by CarbonX.

"For standard ICE passenger car tires, this balance translates into a net savings of 66 tonnes CO2 per tonne CarbonX®. For electric vehicles, we consider the renewable energy contribution in the current power generation mix (~20%). Even so, there is still net savings of 44 tonnes CO2 per tonne CarbonX®.

In an interview with Daniela Sordi – a co-founder of CarbonX – held by Martin von Wolfersdorff at the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover Daniela says CarbonX has developed a revolutionary new carbon material that makes it possible to improve performance without compromising sustainability. According to CarbonX, its unique technology can be used to make stronger, more lightweight, and longer-lasting products with the ability to actively reduce CO2 and particle emissions, generate less waste, improve recyclability, and support circularity.

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