The Ministry of the Environment of Bogotá organized again a series of sessions called “Llantatón”, between August 11 and 25, to collect end-of-life tires in the towns of Barrios Unidos, Usme, Kennedy and Usaquén, points in the that tires that have finished their useful life will be collected from motorcycles, bicycles and vehicles whose rim is up to 22.5.

The Ministry of the Environment reported that the collected tires will be delivered to a licensed operator that can guarantee a proper management of the material, either at the energy level or as an input for new production processes and by this to prevent a tires from dumping in public space and remote places.

In addition to the "Llantatón" sessions, the environmental managers of the towns will work with the entrepreneurs of the collection establishments to promote awareness-raising activities about the environmental regulations that apply to these operations as well as the steps needed to join tire post-consumption programs.

To find out more about "Llantaton" days, please follow the link.