Eco Green Equipment (EGE), a leading provider of recycling equipment, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Bruce Bart as their new General Manager. With over 30 years of experience in the plastic and rubber industries, Bruce brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of success to his new role.

Throughout his career, Bruce has demonstrated his proficiency in all aspects of the plastic and rubber industries, including plant set-up and expansion, equipment design, product development, and process management. He has successfully built and overseen multiple large-scale manufacturing facilities, showcasing his ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Bruce's leadership was instrumental in the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility spanning 165,000 square feet, equipped with cutting-edge machinery. He supervised all operations, including in-house tool fabrication, robotic welding, roll forming, tube bending, powder coating, and distribution/logistics. Additionally, Bruce spearheaded the consolidation of three separate manufacturing facilities into a single 120,000 square foot facility, streamlining operations and driving efficiency.

Having worked with numerous machine manufacturing companies, both in the US and internationally, Bruce possesses a unique understanding of the industry. His expertise enables him to determine the optimal equipment and configuration, ensuring clients achieve cost-effective and efficient output of their products.

Bruce joined Eco Green Equipment in January 2017 as the North American Sales Manager, where he played a key role in expanding equipment sales across the US and Canada. His dedication to helping clients achieve recycling success has been invaluable to the company's growth.

In his own words, Bruce expressed his excitement about leading the talented team at Eco Green Equipment: "To be asked to lead a 'TEAM' like the one we have at Eco Green Equipment means many things to me, but mostly it is both an honor and quite humbling. I look forward to help Eco Green with its exceptional growth in the industry!"

Bruce's philosophy of teamwork aligns perfectly with the values at Eco Green Equipment. He believes in the collective effort and emphasizes the importance of collaboration: "When people ask me 'How do you make it all work,' the answer is always 'I don't, the team does.' The team mentality at Eco Green resonates throughout the entire company, and it is amazing with that mentality what they have accomplished in such a short amount of time."

Located in Salt Lake City, Eco Green benefits from the skilled workforce and manufacturing capabilities in the area. Bruce recognizes the importance of their work in the recycling industry, stating, "What we do at Eco Green, and within the recycling industry as a whole, is help to save our worlds natural and manmade resources. Our industry provides good-paying and stable jobs in a newly developing manufacturing segment which embraces the use of recycled materials within their products."

As the new General Manager, Bruce is excited about the future: "At Eco Green, we are developing new technologies that help solve two very real problems the world faces every day., too much waste and not enough raw materials from which they can produce products. The best part is that we are just getting started."

Bruce Bart's appointment as General Manager at Eco Green Equipment marks a significant milestone for the company. With his extensive industry knowledge, leadership skills, and dedication to sustainability, Eco Green Equipment is poised for continued growth and innovation under Bruce's guidance.

Take a chance to watch the webinar by ECO Green Equipment conducted by Bruce Bart that focuses on the production processes and financial benefits of using blends of micronized rubber with plastics, specifically polyethylenes and polypropylenes. These highbred materials result in TPO and TPE like pellets suitable for use in various plastics processes such as injection, extrusion, blow molded, and compression molding processes.

The Use of Micronized Tire Rubber in Plastics | Webinar by ECO Green Equipment | Video by Robert Weibold GmbH.

Press release by Eco Green Equipment.