ECO Green Equipment, a global leader in cost-effective, turnkey industrial tire recycling solutions, is proud to announce that they have been named to the short list of nominees for the prestigious Global Recircle Awards, which honor innovations in the tire recycling industry.

ECO Green Equipment develops turnkey systems and integrated equipment to help companies achieve more eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective tire recycling. Their machines, which include tire grinders, shredders and colorizers, help clients repurpose tires into valuable aftermarket products such as landscaping mulch, playground surfaces, athletic fields, tire-derived fuel and molded and extruded products.

ECO Green's recent innovation for recycling OTR and mining tires – ECO Extractor 63. | Video by ECO Green Equipment.

With the world burning through 1.5 billion tires per year, tire recycling is a critical process in protecting the health of the planet, and the Global Recircle Awards seek to recognize companies that are leading out in this effort. As a short list nominee in the Best Tire Recycling Industry Supplier category, ECO Green was chosen along with four other companies from around the world. Their selection was made on the basis of the supplier’s ability to deliver goods, technology and equipment to the tire recycling industry in terms of innovation, product quality and service.

The short list was determined by a designated nominations committee as well as registered collaborators and sponsors, to include AutoPromotor, Marangoni, Kal Tire, Vipal and Kraiburg. Key associations and trade bodies from global retreading and recycling sectors also weighed in along with readers of trade publications such as Retreading Business and Tyre and Rubber Recycling.

The final award winners will be determined through a public vote (accessible on the Recircle Awards website), which will close out on March 5, 2021. The Recircle Awards feature 20 different categories, ranging from best tread rubber supplier to best tire derived recycled product to best tire recycling innovation.

Brad Swenson, ECO Green Equipment President, said that his company is proud to be associated with an award that is shining an overdue light on a critical industry. “There’s a lot of focus on really great tires but not so much on the companies that are figuring out how to repurpose those tires so that they don’t hurt the environment,” said Brad Swenson, ECO Green Equipment President. “We’re very pleased to be helping to drive this industry forward and honored to receive this award that affirms that our innovations are making a difference.”

ECO Green’s innovations include the ECO Green Giant, a tire shredder that is widely known for achieving the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry, and the ECO Green Rubber Colorizer, which is the most efficient and versatile rubber colorizer on the market with the highest coloring capacity.

To learn more about ECO Green Equipment or the products that helped it win recognition as a Global Recircle Award Nominee, visit the company's official website.

About ECO Green Equipment

ECO Green Equipment is one of the world’s leaders in tire recycling equipment design and manufacturing. The company is based in Utah, United States, and stands out among world’s top-tier tire recycling equipment manufacturers by its innovative approach to equipment design, where efficiency and longevity are brought to a whole new level.

The company’s products include tire recycling machinery for any range of input and output – from OTR tire recycling equipment to ultra-high capacity shredders for truck and car tires to fine-milling machinery for the smallest-possible rubber powder output. The product range also includes various add-on modules for factory upgrade and “starter kits” for newcomers to tire recycling business.

Corporate video of ECO Green Equipment.

Recently, ECO Green launched a new website which contains a more comprehensive description of the innovator’s tire recycling equipment, ECO Green’s customer testimonials, numerous videos of its high-end machinery and an updated blog serving as a concise business guide for newcomers to the tire recycling industry.

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