Ecolomondo Corporation (Ecolomondo) – a cleantech company specializing in the commercialization of its Thermal Decomposition Process (TDP) proprietary recycling technology and the global deployment of TDP turnkey facilities – announced that Reactor 1 of its 2-reactor TDP plant in Hawkesbury, Ontario, has been certified by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) for the use of the syngas (process gas) produced from TDP production cycles as the energy source to fire up reactors.

As one of the final commissioning steps of the Hawkesbury TDP plant, testing results were as expected, reflecting similar results of the Contrecoeur pilot plant. The energy generated by the syngas was similar to high quality propane, higher in BTUs than natural gas. The Company obtained the immediate approval of TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority), the Ontario authority in such matters, to allow the use of syngas as the regular energy source for Reactor 1. The Company expects TSSA to approve the use of syngas for Reactor 2 in the next several weeks.

When Ecolomondo’s proprietary technology decomposes crumb rubber produced from end-of-life tires, it produces 38% carbon black, 51% oil and 10% syngas. Recovered carbon black (rCB) and oil are processed and sold to markets, whereas syngas is stored in a holding tank (at 100 PSI) and used as needed as energy source for TDP batches. To ensure all emissions standards are respected, the syngas is scrubbed (removal of contaminants, such as sulfur) to have a clean burn, low in emissions and low in NOx.

This TSSA approval is part of the ramp-up phase and brings improved efficiency to the process. As a result, the use of syngas as the energy source for TDP should bring the Hawkesbury TDP plant closer to energy self-sufficiency, a feature almost unique for the entire pyrolysis industry while significantly reducing energy costs.

While management is encouraged by its ramp-up so far, it cautions that continued and aggressive ramp-up testing may bring to light unforeseen issues that may require adjustments.

Press release by Ecolomondo.