Tyre Recycling Solutions (TRS) – an innovative tire recycling company from Switzerland – announced recently the official inauguration of the new TyreXol™ MMA production line.

According to TRS, TyreXol™ MMA is produced with local end-of-life tires and serves as a more sustainable rubberized asphalt mixture, with a longer useful life, produced at lower temperature than usual hot asphalt mixes and driving towards real circular economy.

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Luis Alfonso de León - TRS's Business Development Manager – will make a presentation at the online webinar hosted by Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tecnología del Caucho (SLTC).


Image by (SLTC).

The webinar is free-of-charge, and the title of the presentation is “New technologies in rubberized asphalt mixtures”. Luis will share the experience of successful works completed with the engineered crumb rubber #TyreXol™ MMA in different countries, as well as the benefits when adding it to asphalt mixtures. He will also discuss how engineered crumb rubber in asphalt mixes comply to both norms and specifications.

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