Gradeall – a manufacturer of innovative tyre baling and recycling equipment from Nothern Ireland – highlights that this winter the skyrocketing energy prices pose threat to recyclers' income. For recycling companies whose energy bills are going through the roof, who have experiences over 500% increases in the past few years, Gradeall offer a cost-saving solution – their highly energy efficient MK2 Tyre Baler.

Gradeall report they have been making continuous improvements to their MK2 Tyre Balers for 15 years now to ensure maximum bale densities with minimum power input. The highly efficient, smart, low energy drawing power packs make solid PAS 108 tyre bales whilst helping keep energy costs of a tyre processor's baling operation as low as possible.

MKII Tyre Baler – energy-efficient solution by Gradeall.

Furthermore, Gradeall offers other cost-cutting systems for end-of-life tyre processors, such as sidewall cutters, tyre baler conveyor systems, truck tire rim separators and more.

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