Greentire is an Italian end-of-life tire recycling company taking innovative approaches to boost circular economy. The company cooperates with Activa – specialists in the field of chemicals for bitumen and asphalt mixes – whose general manager Francesco Santella was in charge of the project and research studying the possibility of making asphalts that would contain rubber from recycled end-of-life tires (ELT).

A special additive for high-performance asphalts has been created by Greentire and Activa. To obtain the cutting-edge additive, an innovative tech process is used which is eco-friendly and considered not hazardous for human health.

The innovation which brings the industry one step closer to circular economy has numerous benefits. For instance, the bitumen that contains the additive with ELT has better physical, mechanical and rheological performance properties compared to the traditional bitumen. Moreover, it shows increased flexibility at low temperatures, better resistance to loads, improved stiffness at high temperatures and higher fatigue recovery.

This comes after in 2018 Greentire revealed that it was commencing a joint initiative with Activa producing a bitumen additive that has powder derived from waste tires. As a result of the study, Francesco Santella and his team managed to create a crosslinking additive that forms a bond between bitumen and ELT relying on the “dry” process (the dry process is an alternative to a more common “wet” method). The advantage of the dry method is that it results in a higher consumption of rubber, and it is around 10 times higher than the “wet” process. As part of the “dry” process, the rubber powder is directly added to the mixer, and it is viewed as more cost efficient.

Article by Greentire.