Italian Life Sneak project for surfaces optimization against noise and vibrations caused by tramway track and road traffic will be presented on May 23 in Rome.

This new project, in which Ecopneus is a partner, will be held at the Cicerone Hotel (Rome) in collaboration with VIE EN.RO.SE. INGEGNERIA S.r.l, ASSTRA, MOPI S.r.l, University of Florence – Department of Industrial Engineering, and Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria – Department of Information, Infrastructure, and Sustainable Energy Engineering.

The main challenge of the project is the reduction of noise from road traffic that mainly affects densely populated urban areas, where the noise and vibrations produced by the tram overlap with the noises produced by road traffic. This will be achieved by means of low-noise/vibration surfaces made with recycled materials, such as rubber powder from end-of-life tires. Moreover, retrofit solutions with life cycle costs comparable to those of standard surfaces will be tested, obtaining a substantial reduction in noise.

Serena Sgarioto, Ecopneus Innovation Manager, will speak at the meeting, outlining the current state of the art in the use and diffusion of asphalts modified with recycled rubber powder from end-of-life tires in Italy.

To read more about the project, please proceed to Life Sneak website.