In the beginning of March 2020, Weibold is going to host first online webinars designed for project initiators and entrepreneurs or anyone who is contemplating a new tire recycling or pyrolysis business. On an introductory level, Weibold's webinars will shed light on tire recycling & pyrolysis technology both from theoretical and practical as well as business standpoints.

At the conclusion of the scheduled courses, you will:

  • have been introduced to the concepts, chemistry, and physics of tire rubber and tire recycling
  • have a high level understanding of the business of operating a plant
  • possess a basic understanding of the tire recycling output products and their applications
  • be aware of the challenges of creating and marketing tire recycling products
  • be familiar with tire recycling terminology as well as product standards and specifications
  • understand relevant technologies and their advantages and disadvantages
  • be sensitized to the critical factors affecting the success of a planned plant
  • have a recommended path for methodical planning from concept to operations
  • be informed about possible business models
  • know which regulatory aspects to consider
  • be aware of the pitfalls when designing and operating tire recycling plants

Currently, we are welcoming all interested parties to learn more about participation fees, webinar schedules and register online. To proceed, please see available webinars on Weibold's webinar page.