Valebridge Media Services (VMS), the organizers of the 2023 Recircle Awards, the event organized to promote and recognise sustainable innovation, production processes, management and services in the tire retreading and recycling sector, have revealed the final four award categories for the 2023 event. This year these four categories will be judged by the 14-strong Nominations Committee, which consists of independent industry experts, primarily industry journalists and trade association professionals.

The four new categories and their respective nominees are as follows:

Business Breakthrough Award:

Now in its third year, the Business Breakthrough Award aims to recognize a significant impact in terms of new market entry or growth by a company active within the tire retreading or recycling sector. The nominees are:

  • Black Star
  • Contec
  • Italmatic
  • Pyrum
  • Tyromer

Spirit of Retreading Award:

This award is now also in its third year and was conceived with a view to recognising the contribution made to the industry by small, medium-sized or regionally focused tire retreading companies. The nominees are:

  • Medina Med
  • Power Retreads
  • Recapagens Budini
  • Tyresoles
  • Yashina

Industry Achievement Award for the Tire Retreading Sector:

The Industry Achievement Award was introduced for the first time, last year. As a particularly flexible category, this year it has been decided to offer two awards recognizing historical technological achievements in the retreading and tire recycling industries respectively. The nominees in the retreading category are:

  • B&J Rocket – for historically revolutionising the buffing process with the introduction of the B&J Rasp System
  • Lukatec – for their contribution to the development of robotic buffing technology
  • Matteuzzi – for their development of the world’s first computerised buffer RAS 90 DC
  • Presti Industries – for their historical development of the seamless retread envelope
  • VMI – for their development of cushion to casing smearing technology

Industry Achievement Award for the Tire Recycling Sector:

For the tire recycling sector the nominees are as follows:

  • CM Shredders - for developing the Liberator, one of the best sets of equipment for removing wire from tires
  • Eldan – for building some of the biggest and most reliable tire shredding equipment
  • Regom – for their current development work in tire identification machinery
  • Rubberjet Valley – for their development of water jetting technology in tire recycling
  • Scandinavian Enviro Systems – for their pioneering work in the tire pyrolysis sector

David Wilson, Managing Director of Valebridge Media Services, commented; “We are delighted to be able to announce our final four award categories for the 2023 Recircle Awards. As always, our aim is to be able to offer an inclusive experience for the whole of the tire retreading and recycling industry, to encourage engagement in the awards process, and to provide a balanced selection of awards that recognise excellence across the whole of the industry.”

VMS has also confirmed that the voting process in now open for all 15 of the Recircle Awards categories that are subject to the public vote. Members of the public can vote for their preferred nominees by casting their vote via the Recircle Awards website. Voting is restricted to one vote per person per award category.

The voting process will close at the end of September 8, 20223 and the winners of the Recircle Awards will be announced on November 16, 2023.

Press release by Recircle Awards.