Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (SDAB) – the Swedish Tire Recycler Association responsible for tyre recycling in Sweden – has recently opened a tire recycling plant on the premises of Tekniska verken in Gärstad, Linköping. According to SDAB, this facility, covering four hectares, will process up to half of the annual 90,000 tons of end-of-life tires collected. The plant plays a vital role in increasing material recycling, creating new applications, and enhancing the value of tire raw materials.

In 2021, SDAB announced plans to take over nationwide responsibility for collecting and recycling end-of-life tires in collaboration with local partners, starting from January 1, 2023. As part of this initiative, new recycling plants are being established across the country, with the largest one located next to Tekniska verken and Linköping's largest recycling center, Gärstad.

“The collaboration with Tekniska verken is ideal as both organizations share the goal of increasing resource efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. It serves as mutual inspiration," says Fredrik Ardefors, CEO of Svensk Däckåtervinning.

Årsjö Recycling AB, SDAB's main partner, will operate the Linköping plant. The focus during preparations has been on handling incoming tires and implementing modern production methods to optimize the use of recycled material.

Nearly the entire recycling process at the facility takes place indoors or under cover to reduce environmental impact and protect the extracted steel from corrosion. This also lowers noise levels. End-of-life tires are cut, finely chopped, and granulated using a specialized process. The resulting granules are a valuable input for new applications. SDAB and Tekniska verken hope the new recycling plant will inspire, educate, and offer fresh perspectives on recycling and the benefits of recycled tire rubber as a raw material in sustainability efforts.

Source: SDAB.