The Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) and the All India Rubber & Tyre Recyclers Association (AIRTRA), the two major players in the Indian tire industry, have been in preliminary discussions to establish a reverse collection mechanism and recycle end-of-life tires in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the EPR Policy introduced by the Indian government.

“Concerning the Extended Producer Responsibility introduced by the Ministry of Environment & Forest for Scrap tyres in India, the two principal stakeholders, ATMA & AIRTRA, met recently to understand the recycling segment to develop a smooth implementation. Producers committed to facilitating a reverse collection mechanism and recycling of end-of-life, post-consumer waste,” stated Chetan Joshi, said President of AIRTRA.

The task is to recycle it back into the system in order to recover the waste's embedded resources in order to develop more environmentally friendly products and advance recycling technologies.

P.K. Mohamed, Chief Advisor R&D Apollo Tyres, who represented ATMA and AIRTRA by Chetan Joshi, went on a visit to explore batch and continuous pyrolysis plants/processes in Kishangad, Ajmer, and Bhilwada in the State of Rajasthan in October 2022.

“The two-way efforts would like to determine the innovative approach to re-use the recycled scrap into new resources. Those can be utilised by end-users effectively, reduce the hard environmental effects, and develop an ecological way to use the waste. Both stakeholders are looking forward to organising workshops soon to engage all players and make the EPR policy a success in India”, said AIRTRA’s President. In December, ATMA and AIRTRA are anticipated to conduct their second round of consultation.