The 27th ETRA Conference on Tire Recycling, which had been postponed by Covid, was held in Brussels. It was a great tribute to the late Dr. Valerie Shulman, whose presence was missed by many who knew her and were familiar with her emphatic control of the previous events.

As a result, the ETRA board of directors paid tribute to Valerie, and Elroy Fimrite's EFG Polymers announced the creation of a "Valerie Shulman Scholarship" to encourage young and motivated people to pursue careers in tire recycling.

Working groups for Re-Plan the City, tire arisings, microplastics, rubberised asphalt, rubber in concrete, pyrolysis advancements, and some details on Rubber Jet Valley and Piave Tires' new retreading technology were among the topics discussed.

To learn more about the conference, please follow the link.

Article by Tyre & Rubber Recycling magazine.