Zeppelin Systems – the company that specializes in the design, construction, and technological upgrading of industrial plants – has secured the engineering contract for the construction of ReOil's second pyrolysis plant in Poland.

Set to commence in February 2024, the large-scale facility, covering 27 acres, will have the capacity to recycle 60,000 tonnes of old tires annually.

Zeppelin Systems had initiated the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance in March 2023, aiming to collaborate on shaping a more environmentally friendly future for tire production and recycling. The alliance includes ReOil, known for operating Europe's largest pyrolysis plant, recycling old tires using continuous pyrolysis to produce substances like gas, oil, and recovered carbon black (rCB). The recycled materials find application in various industries, including textiles, new tires, rubber components, plastics, steel, and aviation fuel.

Zeppelin Systems, having supplied basic engineering in 2019, is now the main engineering partner responsible for the turnkey solutions for the new plant. The construction is set to triple ReOil's annual recycling capacity to approximately 60,000 tons. Guido Veit, Vice President Sales, Plastic and Rubber at Zeppelin Systems, expressed pride in securing ReOil's engineering contract as the first project within the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance, emphasizing ongoing efforts to advance processes and strengthen the circular economy network.

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