Innovative products capable of combining high performance, quality, environmental sustainability and exceptional resistance to shocks, enhancing elasticity and providing excellent response to vibrations and high soundproofing characteristics, available to industries and consumers.

From 9 to 11 June the innovative Tyreplast materials made thanks to the union of recycled rubber powder from ELTs and thermoplastic materials returned to the MECSPE in Bologna Fiere: an innovation developed in the Tyreplast research project promoted by Ecopneus with the support of Idea Plast .

Tyreplast materials developed thanks to the combination of recycled rubber powder from end-of-life tires and post-consumer thermoplastic materials. Tyreplast compounds represent a unique solution for the world of industry and beyond, developed as part of an important research project promoted by Ecopneus with the technical support of Ideaplast.

In fact, the combination of recycled rubber and thermoplastic materials makes it possible to improve the physical and technical characteristics of the two materials, obtaining blends with superior performance, as well as, of course, with a high environmental value. The advantages are concrete: more resistant, versatile and cost-effective products. There are many application sectors in which these compounds find space: in the automotive sector, for example, as components and in vehicle finishes; in construction, on the other hand, to create high-performance elements for acoustic insulation and the vibration damping, such as walkways and surfaces. In animal husbandry, on the other hand, it is possible to create coatings and prostheses for the hooves of animals, while in urban furniture the innovative mixtures can be used for the creation of artifacts such as, for example, benches and flower boxes.

Tyreplast products also find application in the world of sport, for the creation of temporary or removable playgrounds for the practice of various sports disciplines, from traditional basketball to 3×3 basketball, up to volleyball, ensuring performance at the highest levels. The surfaces made with Tyreplast plates in fact have considerable advantages, including greater elasticity and attenuation of microtraumas, optimal playability in any climatic situation and a reduction in muscle fatigue for athletes.

“Thanks to the efforts made over the years, today Tyreplast is in all respects an effective circular and sustainable solution available to the world of industry and beyond. A confirmation of the very high technological value of the recycled rubber of ELTs which, even in combination with thermoplastic materials, is able to unleash all its potential”, declared Serena Sgarioto Innovation Manager Ecopneus.

“The integration of the rubber powder allows in fact to improve some properties of the new materials, such as impact resistance, toughness, sound absorbency and vibration damping capacity. A project that encompasses all our commitment and our vision always oriented towards the future and innovation.”

The project has also obtained from MECSPE the “I do more” recognition which highlights green and eco-friendly solutions and realities that stand out for their particular attention to innovation and the environment. Furthermore, for the third consecutive year Ecopneus has been included in the “Ecofriendly path”, a virtual and face-to-face tour among the companies that have distinguished themselves by adopting a green and eco-friendly policy in their business strategies, which demonstrates a particular attention to the environment.

Press release by Ecopneus.