According to the recent Forbes press release, Proyección Futura’s environmental services have been in the Ecuadorian market for 16 years and since the beginning of 2022 it has had operations in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2021, it invoiced close to US$700,000 and this year its partners are confident of reaching one million dollars. The company is already developing a plan to manage wood waste.

In Ecuador, more than 13,000 tons of waste are produced every day and, of that figure, 94% does not receive any treatment. These are figures that are difficult to understand and even more difficult to manage.

In this context, Future Projection has been growing for 16 years with the concept of articulating work with different members of society with a well-defined objective: the waste generated by individuals and companies ends up in an environmental manager.

Initially, the company worked as a waste management company. Pablo Macías, co-founder of Proyección Futura, explains that at that time there was not much information, there was a lack of regulations and awareness of a waste management. "We worked with plastics, paper and cardboard, mainly," he says.

Over time, Proyección Futura changed the model. “Before, we used to obtain a material, give it added value and place it in a recycling plant. Paper, for example, we classified and compacted. It was an interesting business because there were few members, but over time the number of participants grew and we changed the model intuitively: we developed a management system to articulate various members that the waste has to end up in a recycling plant. We became a service company and today we consider ourselves an environmental innovator that seeks to build a world without waste.”

Today, with a team of 11 members Proyección Futura continues to work with the idea that companies from different industries become interested in and align with environmental issues.

To find out more about Proyección Futura’s services, please read article by Forbes.