Weibold’s webinar platform is proving to be an interesting news channel for the tire recycling and pyrolysis industry, which gathers numerous circular economy professionals with variagated backgrounds, as well as entrants to the industry. Observing which subjects draw the largest crowds allows us to gauge trends in our industry.

Following recent success with ELDAN’s product presentation "Making Lives Easier for Tire Recyclers – the Secret Behind ELDAN’s Success" on April 14, 2021, our webinar "Evoluted Recycling Solutions for Rubber: Devulcanization Process" held by Marco Girotto, R&D Technical Expert at MARIS (Italy) on May 19, 2021, gathered over 400 participants! The high participation shows that the tire recycling industry is interested in innovative technology solutions for end-of-life tire devulcanization.

The positive feedback from the session attests to the fact that established recyclers are looking for better ways to recycle tires, reach broader markets and achieve higher performance in the capital-intensive business of tire recycling. Apart from the experienced tire recycling operators, the webinar attracted many newcomers to the industry, who are looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions for recycling of end-of-life tires.

About the webinar

The Webinar by MARIS introduced the rubber devulcanization realized by the company's co-rotating twin screw extruder – a fully thermo-mechanical process working without the addition of chemicals.

The webinar allowed participants to:

  • Be introduced to an innovative rubber recycling process
  • Receive a good level of understanding about the devulcanization process
  • Become familiar with co-rotating twin screw extrusion technology applied to the devulcanization of rubber
  • Understand the relevant technology and its advantages
  • Get the correct approach in terms of materials management, overcoming possible critical aspects
  • Become aware of the main parameters involved in the process
  • Receive an overview about the types of rubber which have been successfully devulcanized

Recording and slides available (free of charge)

If you missed the chance to join our webinar “Evoluted Recycling Solutions for Rubber: Devulcanization Process” by MARIS, you can watch the recording of the webinar below and receive slides free of charge. To receive the slides, please navigate to the webinar page and register free of charge.

Recording of the webinar is available free of charge here. To receive slides, please register free of charge.

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