Weibold’s webinar platform is proving to be an interesting news channel for the tire recycling and pyrolysis industry, which gathers numerous circular economy professionals with variagated backgrounds, as well as entrants to the tire recycling and pyrolysis industry. Observing which subjects draw the largest crowds allows us to gauge trends in our industry.

Following recent success with ELDAN’s and Maris’ product presentatios, yet another webinar proved to be a great success.

The webinar called "Upgrading Tire Pyrolysis Oils for Fuels and Chemicals Applications" was held by Topsoe on February 28. The high participation (200+ attendees) shows that the tire pyrolysis industry is interested in innovative technology solutions for upgrading pyrolysis oil.

Tire pyrolysis oil

Tire derived pyrolysis oil (TDO) is a mixture of valuable hydrocarbon fractions, has a wide range of boiling points and is completely miscible with crude oil. Furthermore, because of the natural rubber content in tires, TDO’s renewable characteristic is recognized and fulfils the definition of drop-in biofuels established by Task 39 of the International Energy Agency (IEA).  In addition, TDO does not contribute towards global warming and is not exhibiting the drawbacks associated with agriculturally derived biofuels (e.g., food-fuel debate).

Tire derived pyrolysis oil therefore undoubtedly has a great potential to be upgraded to substitute petroleum-derived fuels (naphtha, gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel, and marine fuels).

Webinar contents

Topsoe, a global leader in technologies and high-performance catalysts, presented impressively their commercially proven technology for hydroprocessing and upgrading TDO. However, the challenges when it comes to upgrading TDO are not concealed.

The presentation of the property ranges of various analysed raw TDO products (elemental analysis, bulk properties, contaminants, distillation curve and composition) was impressive and is an important source of comparative values for the ELT pyrolysis industry.

Thanks to the extensive analyses and tests that Topsoe has carried out over the years, there are now good comparative values with other refinery feedstocks (vegetable oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, etc.) available, which were clearly presented as well.

Topsoe is also dealing with the issue of upgrading the TDO as an in-spec steam cracker feedstock. Topsoe proposes a multi-stage process for this purpose, which also includes aromatic saturation, ring opening processing and cracking.

In summary, Topsoe presented a highly interesting and professional industrial solution for upgrading TDO to substitute petroleum-derived fuels.

Recording and slides (free of charge)

If you missed the chance to join our webinar “Upgrading Tire Pyrolysis Oils for Fuels and Chemicals Applications ” by Topsoe, you can watch the recording of the webinar below and receive slides free of charge. To receive the slides, please navigate to the webinar page and register free of charge.

Recording of the webinar is available free of charge here. To receive slides, please register free of charge.

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