AZuR members will take the opportunity to present itself at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover. The leading European trade fair for the design and production of tires from March 19th to 21st, 2024 is all about sustainability. AZuR's stand C500 will be located in the Academic Corner.

The over 220 exhibitors in Hanover also include the AZuR partners HF MIXING GROUP, Italmatic Group, Marangoni, Synthos and Zeppelin Systems GmbH.

This year, AZuR is more strongly represented than ever with 26 presentations from 12 partners:

Apollo Tyres Ltd:

  • AI applications in tire R&D and manufacturing
  • Tire parameters and their influence on accelerated pass-by noise
  • Experimental validation of exterior tire noise simulation
  • Elucidating the impact of functionalized rubber coupled to silica
  • Tire parameters and their influence on accelerated pass-by noise
  • Influence of polymer microstructure – property relationship on tire performance

Bridgestone EMEA:

  • Enliten technology: enabling sustainability as a tire performance attribute

German Institute for Rubber Technology e. V.:

  • Effect of fillers on thermal oxidative aging behavior of rubbers

Hankook Tire Europe GmbH:

  • Tire materials and technology arms race


  • AI based algorithm for optimizing final mixing processes of rubber


  • Retreaded tires pay off ecologically and economically


  • BioButterfly : the sustainable pathway to produce sustainable bio-butadiene
  • How can connecting tires support the tire circular economy?
  • Sustainable polyesters equivalent to petro-sourced lead to low LCA recycling
  • Emissions of tire road wear particles by vehicles
  • Tire predictive maintenance solutions
  • Recycling end-of-life tires into new tires: the BlackCycle European project
  • Tire predictive maintenance solutions
  • Environmental impact of retread tires: lifecycle assessment methodologies


  • How sustainability and performance can go hand in hand
  • Functionalized low-Tg S-SBR and BR for high-performance tires

University of Twente:

  • Do silica-filled NR compounds require a stabilizer during mixing?
  • React or non-react? Insights into silica/silane/functionalized SBR compounds
  • Detection of the degradation during silica-silane-NR mixing

wdk Association of the German Rubber Industry eV:

  • Optimizing Europe's road quality with recycled rubber asphalt Wolfersdorff Consulting
  • Global update on recovered carbon black and tire-to-tire recycling

Zeppelin Systems GmbH:

  • Joint forces for the sustainable tire production of tomorrow

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